Crawlspace aims to provide opportunities for emerging and established writers to create experimental work and to receive editorial and technical feedback as part of the publishing process.

We exclusively publish digital writing and art that is multimedia and/or interactive – the kind of work that cannot be published in print. We encourage you to view what we have previously published for a sense of what we’re interested in, but we also welcome work that looks nothing like what we have previously published.

We will consider completed works and pitches.

Submissions are currently closed

We pay $150 AUD for pieces with a single contributor. We also welcome collaborative submissions, which are paid $200 AUD as a whole piece. Crawlspace is artist-funded, and does not currently receive any external financial support.

See below for how to submit! If you have any questions about the submission process, please reach out to us on

What we look for

When reviewing submissions, we look for the following:

  • A strong idea in which content and digital form are interwoven

  • Evidence of technical expertise or willingness to experiment, troubleshoot and adjust scope as needed

  • For pitches, some proof of concept or development (e.g. a prototype, draft of textual component, etc)

Guidelines for completed works

Please email us at with your completed work as a zip or provide a link to your files. If you are using any external libraries in your work please let us know.

In your email, let us know briefly:

  • The overarching concept behind your work

  • How you went about creating the work, and any technical considerations we should be aware of

  • Why you chose to express your concept in the way you have

  • Why you think Crawlspace is the best fit

Guidelines for pitches

Please email us at with your pitch and any work in progress or proof of concept material (this could be as simple as a Word doc or even existing works that do similar things to your idea - we do not need you to show technical proficiency, just a willingness to engage and learn!)

In your email, let us know:

  • The overarching concept behind your work

  • How you plan to achieve it or the help you need to achieve it

  • Why you want to create this work now

  • Why you think Crawlspace is the best fit