Crawlspace is an ongoing project to cultivate and platform artistic and poetic applications of technology.

In its current form, it is a journal publishing interactive and multimedia writing and art that experiments with the expansive freedom the web offers.

Crawlspace is intended to be not just an online publication, but an experiential learning opportunity for those interested in artistic and poetic applications of technology. We encourage you to view the HTML source code for each work to discover new ways of creative expression online.

Our attention to the tools and infrastructure of digital creative work extends to this website as a whole, which was designed and developed from the ground up using Kirby CMS for a publishing environment tailored for interactive and multimedia work.

Online and networked spaces are deeply rooted in the physical world. The infrastructure that provides us with the digital tools we use every day has its own history embedded within colonisation, militarisation and environmental destruction. In using these platforms, it is our shared responsibility to consider our role in decolonisation and the role of technology in these endeavours.

Crawlspace is currently managed by founding editors Rory Green and Hannah Jenkins.