there used to be a weird and magic place
a portal in a cube
a dial up spell
a house with an infinite number of rooms

we grew up in this house
we grew into ourselves
neopets geocities livejournal myspace tumblr

the internet grew out of us
a crawlspace filled with an infinite number of spells

the internet is still a weird and magic place
but only if we make it that way


Welcome to Crawlspace. This is a project that has been slowly forming for over a year and will continue to evolve into the future. As digital poets and editors we want to create a new space for works that are often tricky to place in other publications because of their technical requirements and to share our expertise and guidance for writers, artists and other organisations interested in sharing digital-born creative work.

For our launch we’ve commissioned five incredible writers to develop work that can only exist in a digital space. These pieces glow, glitch, implode and unfurl in ways that exemplify what we have hoped to showcase through Crawlspace. We’d like to thank Zhi, Tim, Jazz and Kathryn for trusting us with their work and being so open to an evolving editorial process for this first issue.

We worked closely with each writer to support the vision for their pieces, realised with approachable digital creative tools. Crawlspace is intended to be not just an online publication, but an experiential learning opportunity for those interested in artistic and poetic applications of technology. We encourage you to view the HTML source code for each work to discover new ways of creative expression online.

Our attention to the tools and infrastructure of digital creative work extends to this website as a whole, which was designed and developed from the ground up using Kirby CMS for a publishing environment tailored for interactive and multimedia work. We are endlessly grateful to Elle Williams, our lead designer and developer, for her help creating a website that is as weird, stunning and playful as the pieces being published here.

We are still tilling the long-term vision for Crawlspace, though we know for sure a second issue is up ahead. When submissions do open, we’ll let you know through our Twitter and Instagram.

Until then,

Rory Green and Hannah Jenkins, founding editors